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Who We Are

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We’re Central Coast People

We love the Central Coast! What’s not to love about our amazing scenery, our vibrant culture or our perfect weather? It’s our goal to help strengthen the local economy by building the most important part of our growing tech industry: the talent base!

We’re Coders and Web Developers

Web development is what makes the Internet go, and it’s part of a red-hot job market for coders in general. Web Development is a complex combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technologies, but we know what it takes to make all of it work together, and we love sharing that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

We’re Teachers and Students

At CodeSLO we bring experienced developers together with beginners so that we can learn from each other and build awesome stuff. Our program has a strong online component, but we meet in person regularly as well. The only thing more fun than coding is coding with friends!

What We Do

and why we do it
We teach people to code, free of charge

The goal of CodeSLO is to grow the development community of the Central Coast. We do this by offering free classes in web development to anyone who wants to learn. We offer multiple classes per month and each class has an emphasis on hands-on, practical learning where students build projects, solve coding challenges, and more.
CodeSLO has worked with many local organizations including Central Coast New Tech High, the SLO Country School District, and Cal Poly. Our efforts are funded by donations from local industry leaders.

  • Create clean, readable markup

  • Make Your Content Beautiful

  • Go from websites to web applications

  • We teach the technologies, skills and frameworks that development companies are looking for right now.

Our Mentors

You won't be alone on your journey, our mentors will be with you every step of the way

Matt West

Mentor, Founder, Organizer
A self-taught developer, Matt founded CodeSLO when he realized there wasn’t another group like it on the Central Coast. He is a former karate teacher and combatives instructor for the California National Guard. The lessons he teaches here are slightly less painful.

Rich Jolissaint

Mentor, Professional Developer, JavaScript and Node Guru
Rich is a professional Node.JS developer with over 20 years of experience. He’s been a member of CodeSLO from the first meet, and is very active in the local development community.

Kristen Hazard

Organizer for our Women in Code group, Professional Developer, Suntoucher
Kristen’s Women in Code events are some of our most popular. She is the president of Suntoucher Development and knows the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in this industry.

Cameron Zaas

Mentor, Professional Developer, Coding Challenge Slayer
Cameron started out as a member in our group, where his ability to quickly and efficiently demolish our coding challenges caught the attention of the other mentors. He works as software developer for Etna Interactive.

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