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Teaching the Central Coast to code.

CodeSLO is a community coding school that offers classes and meetups for people who want to learn computer programming. Our primary focus is on web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


We teach people to code in a way that is accessible and nurturing. We are inclusive and encouraging, and we inspire people to tackle hard challenges. CodeSLO has worked with organizations like Fullstack Academy, the SLO County Office of Education, and Ticket into Tech to train Central Coast residents for careers in software.

Educational Organizations

We provide remote and in-person coding instruction for apprenticeship programs, community colleges, and other educational groups. We specialize in teaching beginners and we've partnered with organizations like New Tech High School, The SLO County Office of Education, Ticket Into Tech, and Cal Poly to deliver amazing results for students of all backgrounds.


Hiring? Our students are local residents with roots in our community. They use modern web techologies like JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, Git, and React. Even better, they learn to work as part of a team and how to solve real-world problems via research and collaboration.



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