Intro to Code Part Nine – JavaScript in the Web Page

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In the ninth part of our Intro to Code series, we left the console behind and started using our JavaScript to affect a real web page. This is always a fun time for new developers as they can suddenly see what all this JavaScript fuss is about. This is where we put what we’ve been learning to work.

This class had a heavy emphasis on projects since we’re now at the point where our best learning is going to come from building applications. We did a short one where we learned how to use JavaScript to select an element on the page and then attach an event listener to it and then a larger project that used these same techniques to tie into a more complex script that used arrays, iteration and object constructors.

If you missed this class you’ll definitely want to take a look at both the slides for this session and our Github repository.

The emphasis on projects is going to be the new normal. Our Intro to Code series only has three sessions left and we’re going to keep you busy for all of them. In our next session, we’ll give you time to complete the Silent Song Player project from this week. Our final two sessions will be dominated by one last project that will ask you to tie everything you’ve learned in this series together.

Here is a link to the slides for this class.

Here is a link to the Github repo.

Code on!

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