Intro to Code Part V: Beginning JavaScript

Computer monitor with JavaScript logo

Yes, you want JS on your monitor every day.

JavaScript is the programming language of the web and we’re going to spend the next several sessions working on it. It is the center of our Intro to Code series.
If you missed the class last week, we spent a little time talking about the origins of JavaScript and then jumped right into the code, writing our first ‘Hello World’ program together and then solving a series of very basic algorithms. No programming experience was assumed or required but things are going to ramp up fast. There’s a lot to do between now and the next class!

There are two keys to learning to code in any language: usage and consistency. You have to use the language every day, whether it is by building projects or by doing coding challenges. Both are good practice so try to get a mix in.

You can get the slides for the last class right HERE.

Once you’ve completed the exercises in those slides you are going to want to get started on the homework. What you’ll need to do is to go to Codecademy and finish their entire JavaScript class. This homework is critical as it will teach you basic JavaScript syntax and the assumption in the next class will be that you know it. We’ll be trying to spend as much classroom time as possible with hands-on code and letting everyone get any individual help that they need. The Codecademy course can take upwards of ten hours, though, so get started right away if you haven’t already.

If you finish that Codecademy course early, you might want to try doing some algorithm challenges. There is a good selection of these over at Coderbyte.

You know what to do. Go knock out that JavaScript and we’ll see you in the next class.

Code on!



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