Intro to Code Part VIII – Objects

the dictionary definition of dictionary

In Part Eight of our Intro to Code series we look a long look at JavaScript objects. We made object literals, constructors, and constructed objects, and we got in some good practice with for-in loops, which are the primary tool for iterating through objects.

One of the biggest new-developer sticking points we’ve seen here at CodeSLO comes with iterating through combinations of arrays and objects. This could be an array that contains objects, objects that contain arrays, arrays that contain arrays that contain objects, etc. This is an important topic due to the rise of JSON as the primary format for data exchange between web servers and client applications. JSON objects are essentially just JavaScript objects inside arrays and they have become so prevalent that knowing how to navigate these structures is a must-have skill for any developer.

So, in order to develop this skill, your friendly CodeSLO mentors put together a few challenges that will require the use of for loops, for-in loops, and nested loops. Have fun! The Massive Array challenge is particularly good.

You can find all the slides for this meet right HERE.

You can get all the code we used in class right HERE.

Code on!


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